Admittedly, our coverage of non-Windows Operating Systems in the FAQs has been relatively sparse. With nearly 30 FAQs in the Operating Systems section, only one has been related to Linux so far.

As a result of a concerted effort by frequent members of the Operating Systems category, they have strived to correct the situation and bring about some more balance.

Over this week and the next few updates, we will be publishing quite a few Linux related FAQs to assist not only those who are unfamiliar with Linux, but also as a quick-lookup resource for veterans. These FAQs should be especially helpful to those who decide to venture away from the Microsoft Win32 platforms and try something different.

Spearheading the Linux drive is Operating Systems forum regular Electrode. This week he brings us two FAQs, and will have more published soon. His first FAQ, Does Linux support NTFS? deals with an issue that many are extremely concerned about. This FAQ explains the status of NTFS support in Linux, step-by-step instructions on how to access your NTFS partitions, automatic mounting of NTFS partitions, and what to do if you receive an error about NTFS not being supported by your kernel.

Electrode's second FAQ, How do I build a Linux kernel?, is a clear guide describing how to compile a kernel with the Preemptibility patch added. What files you need are listed, and each step is written clearly.

Networking expert JackMDS makes a return with What do I need for a Wireless Network? It can be really inconvenient to lay cabling everywhere around your house for connectivity, so the perfect answer is to set up a wireless network and do away with CAT5. So how does one go about setting one of these up? This FAQ covers wireless networking standards, what you need to buy, equipment recommendations and some other things to consider such as interference.

Finally, the What is in PowerToysXP and where can I get them? FAQ has been updated in line with Microsoft's re-release of this extremely popular set of small programs. Links, as well as descriptions have been updated.

As always, if you have anything you would like to discuss in regards to the FAQs, don't hesitate to say something in the forums using the link below.

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