05:48PM EST - This concludes the liveblog, thank you for following our coverage.

05:48PM EST - we're also done with appliances

05:47PM EST - We're finally done with TVs

05:46PM EST - Samsung Powerbot is 60x more powerful than most, and you can use a remote to point where to send the vacuum

05:46PM EST - Now more revolution in vacuuming

05:45PM EST - Onto laundry, with active wash which saves time and makes laundry easier by adding a built-in sink

05:44PM EST - Now we're talking about ovens with dual doors which lets you turn one oven into two ovens.

05:42PM EST - I promise I'm not making this up.

05:41PM EST - This is apparently designed to make it easier to tell how hot the stove is.

05:41PM EST - Virtual flame technology will be coming to appliances soon

05:37PM EST - Mobile, TV, and Appliances are Samsung's focus

05:36PM EST - Appliances are next, although I'm not sure this is relevant

05:34PM EST - New omnidirectional speaker to try and achieve both

05:34PM EST - Samsung is trying to get good sound quality and presence

05:32PM EST - Samsung is also trying to expand into audio, with a new audio lab in LA to do R&D

05:31PM EST - Planning to expand games in the smart TV system although it's likely that it'll be more like mobile games than console ones

05:29PM EST - Quick Connect is a new feature which links devices to the TV

05:29PM EST - Smart TVs will be powered by Tizen

05:29PM EST - On to the Smart TV aspect, Samsung usually places mobile SoCs in TVs for this

05:26PM EST - Samsung is focusing on design for TVs, with things like chamfered bezels apparently

05:24PM EST - It's likely that contrast is worse than OLED due to LCD structure.

05:21PM EST - This is being marketed as SUHD, or Super UHD.

05:19PM EST - It's likely that this is traditional LED with QD phosphor layers.

05:19PM EST - Samsung is moving to quantum dots for 4K displays

05:18PM EST - Going text only due to connection issues, apologies for the issues today.

05:16PM EST - Samsung just announced the UHD alliance for standards in the UHD ecosystem

05:14PM EST - EVP of Samsung Electronics USA, Joe Stinziano

05:13PM EST - The Gear VR was interesting at launch but there wasn't much use, this should help somewhat although no price was given?

05:12PM EST - Milk VR is available on Gear VR now for daily content, which could help to make things interesting

05:12PM EST - Milk VR will come to Gear VR as well, and Milk Music will be on PC. Milk VR is basically VR content on a subscription basis?

05:10PM EST - Samsung Milk now has Milk Video for streaming. Milk Music will be on smart TVs as well

05:09PM EST - It's the 850 EVO in a USB enclosure, for what it's worth.

05:08PM EST - Samsung is introducing the Portable SSD T1, smaller than a business card, holds a terrabyte.

05:06PM EST - IoT is up first, up to a third of consumers are interested in smart home tech but less than 2 % adopted

05:06PM EST - Obviously, Apple Watch will change things

05:05PM EST - Samsung is on their third generation of wearables, 60% market share in this space

05:05PM EST - We aren't going to spend much, if any time on home appliances.

05:04PM EST - Home appliances are up next?

05:04PM EST - Market is predicted to grow 4x in TVs

05:04PM EST - Total market share went up 5 points, half of the 4K TVs are curved.

05:03PM EST - TVs up first, aim to deliver 4K to as many people as possible, 60% market share in this area

05:03PM EST - TIm Baxter on stage now, President and COO of Samsung Electronics USA

05:00PM EST - The conference is starting now

04:51PM EST - Okay, the WiFi is already dying here. Hopefully tethering will work better

04:48PM EST - Chris is also here (although through The Wirecutter) so we should have plenty of manpower for this event

04:46PM EST - It's Kristian and Josh here. I'm already seated but Josh will be here in a minute.

04:43PM EST - Testing testing....

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  • thomasxstewart - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    drashek #1 Commentos' hear.... Gib me hole3 where Commentos' do go and ground you for life of, errrrr.... Here point, in CS'15 will be new surprise 4k x 8k led, or 32 megapixel. no signal, yet mere 8meg job now has blu ray player. so go figure, full lush 32 megs on pixel or, say what. looks like time to push 2k x 4k is here, for three years 4x sales up is claimed. so far mostly slow 1 unit per outlet war.

    Peeper, Peepers king of wild.... new TV s' will be web o/s2. new firefox o/s in one.

    Guess lilk 'ole whom....
  • JarredWalton - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    Um, what? Are you seriously drunk, or just very bored?
  • Boogaloo - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    Wow this is some nostalgia. I remember drashek's comments on theinquirer.net back in the day. He'd leave some crazy BS comment on every article that looked more like it was generated through some markov chain algorithm than came out of a person's brain. In fact, they went so far as to create a browser extension to filter out his comments because he'd keep making new usernames to get around being banned. Hopefully it won't go that far with anandtech.

    Anyway, here's some history: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1015077/d...
  • silverblue - Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - link

    Or the S|A comments, up to a year or so back (before they added the subscriber-only stuff).
  • ssj4Gogeta - Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - link

    I remember he got more and more creative. He'd start off with a couple sentences that actually made sense and you'd be half-way through the post before you realized you'd been drashek'd.
  • ssj4Gogeta - Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - link

    Wow the drashek has spread to Anandtech.
  • Fallen Kell - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    I just wish Samsung would stop wasting everyone's time with curved screen TV's that are useless in terms of actual picture quality improvement except on TV's that are so massive in size that the viewing angle surpasses 60 degrees that IPS and similar panels start to show degradation in the color uniformity.

    A curved PROJECTION SCREEN is higher quality than a flat screen (the screen is curved to keep it closer to the same distance from the central light source so that the image remains in focus across the entire screen and not a smaller portion with the center in focus and edges get progressively more and more out of focus due to increasing distance from the bulb). But on a LCD TV, all you do is screw up the viewing angles of the edge of the screen for everyone else in the room who is not sitting directly in the middle of the TV. It is just a PR/hype thing trying to bank off of consumers seeing curved projection screens being higher end and thus equating that a curved LCD will also be higher end.
  • theduckofdeath - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    Sounds like you need to get a bigger room... :D
  • JasonDorn - Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - link

    @ Fallen Kell

    Well stated, the above words speak truth to the core of the issue, nonetheless some diversity is always a good thing, thus as long as these screens keep their accompanying character within the manufacturers product portfolios they may be viewed as a nice kind of gimmick, but they shall never become the new norm.
  • Solandri - Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - link

    Not quite right about the projection screen. A curved projection screen will look better to the viewer (assuming it covers a wide enough angle of view). As for the quality of the projected image, it depends on the source. A simple lens does a 1:1 projection. If the source (LCD, DLP) is flat, then focal plane of the projected image is flat. It would actually take extra optics to make the image focus on a curved screen. Light falloff (vignetting) due to (non-)curvature is irrelevant if the viewer is seated near the projector source - the angle of view of projection and of viewing then coincide, and any light falloff due to extreme angles in the corners is exactly countered by increased brightness due the corners being compressed in the view.

    Where you start running into problems is when trying to project so that the angle of light from the source to the lens is not the same as the angle from the lens to the screen. Then you can get a curved focal plane from a flat image source. This is a large part of the reason why a "normal" camera lens is easy to design, while telephotos and wide angles are harder.

    And I thought the curved screen TVs were OLED? That was the whole point - to try to find an application where traditional LCDs (made of large glass panels) don't work well but OLEDs (placed on a flexible plastic substrate) do.

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