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10:51AM EST - Thanks for following we'll be back with a hands-on demo soon.

10:51AM EST - Sounds like we're going to hands-on time.

10:50AM EST - A trade-in program will be in effect for pre-registrations that guarantees $100 for your old phone.

10:50AM EST - 32GB and 64GB variants will be available.

10:50AM EST - Ships in late March and will be available with T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Best Buy, in silver and black.

10:49AM EST - Launching in 80 countries and 185 carrier partners. Their largest launch ever!

10:49AM EST - "The greatest smartphone ever made!"

10:49AM EST - Moving to Mike Woodward, HTC Americas President

10:48AM EST - He's reviewing the announcement so far, with that focus on their software innovations again.

10:48AM EST - The matte aluminum finish and the Gorilla Glass flow together at the edge of the screen.

10:47AM EST - They use diamond cutters to create the beveled edges of the phone

10:47AM EST - They created a special bolt cutter for the CNC process to create the curved back.

10:46AM EST - Design process video.

10:46AM EST - They were able to integrate the antenna with the aluminum of the phone. Calls it zero gap construction.

10:45AM EST - Talking design. Antennas generally needed to be in non-metallic areas.

10:45AM EST - Woah.

10:45AM EST - No camera bulge.

10:45AM EST - Zoe also opens up enhanced editing features including object removal and stitching multiple shots together for a cool action shot or enhanced panoramas.

10:44AM EST - Sharing through Facebook or e-mail.

10:44AM EST - You can alter the style, though it's unclear how granular the control is.

10:43AM EST - Music is added and shots are stitched together with crossfades and cuts.

10:43AM EST - It's like an Instagram highlight reel.

10:43AM EST - Showing off a sample video of his kid playing soccer. Somewhat disappointed that there's a lot of artificial grain.

10:43AM EST - This seems pretty impressive from an end user stand point.

10:42AM EST - Short videos are tied into the gallery and then takes the next step. It automatically takes your photos and videos and creates real-time highlight movies.

10:42AM EST - Zoe automatically captures high res photos and HD videos at the same time. Shooting a picture and the One does the rest.

10:41AM EST - HTC Zoe

10:41AM EST - Showing off better light performance than their competitors . . . care to guess which?

10:40AM EST - Better action shots, huge low-light performance.

10:40AM EST - The Ultra Pixel Camera: 300% more light than traditional sensors.

10:39AM EST - "Real image quality."

10:39AM EST - Talking about balancing sensor size with optics, and the megapixel myth, calls it a sales metric.

10:39AM EST - Video time. Team members talking about camera experiences from their past.

10:38AM EST - Hmm....

10:38AM EST - "Bigger pixels take in more light, it's pure physics."

10:38AM EST - "The focus on megapixels is not relevant . . . what really matters is pixel size."

10:38AM EST - Some software updates, but now talking about "true breakthroughs" in camera technology.

10:38AM EST - Talking about the innovations from the last few years including ultra-wide angle front-facing and continuous shooting modes.

10:37AM EST - Camera time.

10:37AM EST - Control your TV, STB and receiver, and comes with a recommendation engine and program guide.

10:36AM EST - The phone has an IR blaster. Yep.

10:36AM EST - HTC Sense TV. . . Hmm...

10:36AM EST - Ambient noise is monitored and adjust call volume and frequency response so calls come in clearer and louder when necessary.

10:35AM EST - Dual microphones with "dual memories" for "HDR recording," I'm not sure what that means but they're claiming to improve call quality and also allow for club and concert recordings.

10:35AM EST - Their new music player adds lyrics and visuals during playback.

10:34AM EST - Produces "clearer sound" and is "louder" without being tinny.

10:34AM EST - BoomSound relates to their stereo front facing speakers, flanking the screen while in landscape.

10:33AM EST - That happened.

10:33AM EST - "With the HTC One we are pleased to introduce BoomSound"

10:33AM EST - Now talking about Beats and the dismal speaker performance of smartphones.

10:33AM EST - After selecting an item you can swipe left or right to move through your feed.

10:32AM EST - You add or remove topics or areas of interest right from the menu, and add your social media feeds to be seamlessly integrated into the feed.

10:31AM EST - Lots of focus on BlinkFeed, they really are emphasizing their approach to the homescreen.

10:31AM EST - Jason back to introduce HTC's Design Director Jonah Becker

10:30AM EST - Erhardt is talking about opportunities for HTC's BlinkFeed to enhance the experience for sports fan's, and mentions HTC Zoe for generating user content.

10:29AM EST - Ed Erhardt of ESPN to talk about their partnership in BlinkFeed. I'm curious how this curation happens. Automatically with user data or through hands-on curators.

10:27AM EST - The idea is to constantly update streams of curated content along with your social media and has 1400 partners including the AP, MTV and . . . ESPN.

10:26AM EST - Discussing the need to diverge from the traditional desktop model and introduces BlinkFeed.

10:25AM EST - Describing rethinking the user experience, Sense seems to be getting heavier not lighter.

10:25AM EST - "Sound quality that sounds so good you won't believe it's coming from a phone, and a new camera"

10:23AM EST - Lots of talk of a bold new approach. And the phone is the HTC One.

10:23AM EST - They're goal was to deliver a different experience with a focus on your "smartphone world."

10:22AM EST - Talking about new ways that smartphones have changed behaviors in end users.

10:21AM EST - Here we go. Jason Mackenzie is up first.

10:20AM EST - We're apparently waiting to synchronize this event with the one in the UK. Hopefully there won't be too long of a delay.

10:19AM EST - The industrial design is clearly derived from the same lineage as the Droid DNA, and we're seeing one in silver floating around, along with one in a nice matte black.

10:18AM EST - There's a few guys showing off the phone, we're meant to call the HTC One. It's a gorgeous all-aluminum construction with a great looking screen.

10:14AM EST - While you wait for things to start, feel free to peruse some of our great content from earlier today. Don't leave this page, though.

10:06AM EST - Waiting for a few stragglers. Should get going shortly.

09:54AM EST - We're seated and ready to go. We're about 10 minutes out so stay tuned.

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  • blackmagnum - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link

    I bet their latest batch of smartphones will be best sellers. They have the best price/performance/design ratio in my opinion (fanboy).
  • peevee - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link

    Price/performance is the best in Nexus 4, by far. Try to find other 4 core/1.5GHz/2GB mem 16 GB flash unlocked for $350. Not to mention you can use this unlocked phone on T-Mobile value plans which (for 3 phones) cost 2-3 times less than competing AT&T and Verizon smartphone plans.
    And Nexus is the only Android phone which will be updated until it can run new versions and you know it. The HTC One is not even out yet and already comes with 8 months old version of Android (4.1) and will be updated at best once, with delay of at least half a year behind Android release (or more), while Nexus phones already run 4.2.1 and start to upgrade to 4.2.2.
  • icebox - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link - can an ex n900 fan hope? :)
  • R3MF - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link


    i was an N900 user too until i got the N9.

    a ubuntu phone using edge-swipe multitasking and built with Qt on a premium HTC handset would be amazing.
  • MonkeyPaw - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link

    Unless it's just a coincidence, it might be an Ubuntu tablet.
  • dishayu - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link

    HTC has pumped out a couple of amazing phones in the past year (One X(+) and One S) with all the right ingredients but they failed in front of the samsung marketing machine.

    Galaxy s4 is a couple of months away. I hope HTC can gain traction with the HTC One and be the leader for this round. And the phone has absolutely no -ve points from where i'm looking (4.7 inches is still too big for me, so a "smaller" screen is not a -ve mark). And quite frankly, I'm starting to get snnoyed by Samsung's lack of innovation in the design department.
  • nitram_tpr - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link

    The pictures are fairly blurry, not using a decent camera then?
  • peevee - Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - link

    "The Ultra Pixel Camera: 300% more light than traditional sensors. " is a total BS. It is still 1/3" sensor getting as much light as any other 1/3" sensor would behind the same lens. Of course f/2.0 lens is not bad at all, but not that different from what other top phones offer, not even close to Nokia 808.

    4mpix is all that is needed though (and can be resolved on a sensor this small due to diffraction), and I applaud them for not participating in the fools' megapixel race. Low megapixel count has real advantages of fast transfers, fast processing and low power consumption. Smaller pixels on 8-13 mpix cameras with 1/3" sensors don't carry any useful information, just noise and blur.
  • buygosh - Monday, November 30, 2015 - link

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