02:02PM EST - Time to play!

02:02PM EST - We were told to take the boxes

02:01PM EST - Still don't know what the do not touch boxes are

02:01PM EST - Sounds like it's wrapping up

02:01PM EST - 'we deliver on every device, we are committed to stepping beyond boundaries'

02:00PM EST - More media rushing the stage as Mark leaves

01:58PM EST - Facebook social VR apps

01:58PM EST - I wonder how power intensive that is

01:58PM EST - Dynamic streaming - compress the bits you're not looking at

01:57PM EST - 20000 videos in 360 upload added to Facebook

01:57PM EST - All about Facebook 360 videos

01:56PM EST - Over 1 million hours of video watched on Gear VR

01:56PM EST - Wanted to target $99

01:55PM EST - Samsung can manufacture at scale

01:55PM EST - 'RealVR'

01:54PM EST - Combining Samsung + Facebook + Oculus

01:54PM EST - 'Or having a meeting somewhere exotic'

01:54PM EST - 'Imagine being at a campfire whenever you want '

01:53PM EST - Talking about having an immersive 360 experience on baby's first steps

01:52PM EST - About half the crowd rushed the stage

01:51PM EST - This is now possible with Samsung

01:51PM EST - Talking about VR websites

01:51PM EST - Mark Zuckerberg on stage

01:50PM EST - That was a good video, could see pixels though

01:49PM EST - Put on headset time

01:49PM EST - 'other reality'

01:48PM EST - S7 does the algorithm to show it on Gear VR

01:48PM EST - Preview love on S7 and S7 edge

01:47PM EST - 30MP and F2.0

01:47PM EST - There it is

01:47PM EST - Hand held

01:46PM EST - Gear 360 is for non-professionals to tell stories

01:46PM EST - For professionals

01:46PM EST - On screen is Project Beyond

01:45PM EST - 'real world is everywhere'

01:45PM EST - Pranav Mistry on stage

01:45PM EST - Makes sense, VR needs content

01:44PM EST - All about content creation for VR

01:44PM EST - Gear 360 camera for content creation

01:43PM EST - Services and products in VR now

01:43PM EST - New products and services to automobile

01:42PM EST - Samsung Connect Auto built on Tizen and Google Connect

01:41PM EST - 'our special relationship with Google'

01:41PM EST - More carriers supported

01:41PM EST - Expansion of Samsung Pay in 2016 and 2017

01:40PM EST - 'working with partners on products and services'

01:39PM EST - It's a shame more of this event isn't in VR

01:39PM EST - 'Smartphones are not the end of the line'

01:38PM EST - DJ Koh back on stage

01:37PM EST - Select countries get a gear VR as a gift when you order

01:37PM EST - Available March 11, preorders in a week

01:36PM EST - Dates coming up

01:35PM EST - Epic is working with Samsung to improve mobile gaming

01:35PM EST - Running real-time on an S7

01:35PM EST - Reflections with AA

01:34PM EST - Demo on stage

01:34PM EST - Tim Sweeney now on stage

01:33PM EST - Galaxy Game Pack - $200 of ingame credit for popular games

01:33PM EST - Game launcher during games to aid gaming

01:32PM EST - First smartphones with Vulkan are S7 and S7 edge

01:32PM EST - Accessories too

01:31PM EST - 3000 mAh and 3600 mAh batteries

01:31PM EST - 14nm with heatpipe is interesting

01:31PM EST - There's a heatpipe ?!

01:30PM EST - S7 is 30% faster than last gen, GPU is 60% faster

01:30PM EST - Now talking about SoC

01:29PM EST - Also wide angle and fish eye lens covers

01:28PM EST - Now Motion Panorama

01:28PM EST - So this is to enhance experience in low light laggy focus

01:27PM EST - All pixels have two sides to help focus

01:26PM EST - First to embed Dual Pixel

01:25PM EST - 30% larger pixels than 6S Plus

01:25PM EST - F1.7 aperture

01:24PM EST - 'HQ pictures in day and night was a challenege'

01:23PM EST - Updated camera

01:23PM EST - I bet the water proofing makes it harder to fix

01:23PM EST - MicroSD card slot too

01:22PM EST - 30 mins in 1m of water

01:22PM EST - S7 is sealed inside, IP68

01:22PM EST - Talking about water resistance

01:21PM EST - 'needs to be life proof'

01:21PM EST - 3rd party always on screens

01:20PM EST - Smart enough to know if the screen is face down or in your pocket

01:20PM EST - Always on display for time and missed call

01:19PM EST - It looks like an easier edge to use than the S6 edge

01:19PM EST - SDK opened for 3rd party edge panels

01:18PM EST - Do, more, faster. Edge panel updated

01:18PM EST - New phones feel more natural in hand

01:17PM EST - Months perfecting 3d forming process

01:16PM EST - Apologies for slow updates, WiFi is flaky

01:16PM EST - 'S7 and S7 Edge take a bigger step forward '

01:15PM EST - SVP Justin Dennisson on stage

01:14PM EST - 'this is what imagining a smartphone can do'

01:14PM EST - S7 AND S7 edge

01:13PM EST - It looks like a galaxy s7 you know

01:11PM EST - Time to put on the gear VR

01:10PM EST - 'We are human, but explorers'

01:10PM EST - 'We are human, but explorers'

01:08PM EST - ' Pioneer of Mobile Technology'

01:06PM EST - ' The Next Big Step Forward '

01:06PM EST - DJ Koh up on stage. This odd stage

01:06PM EST - It begins


12:52PM EST - and under each seat is a box that says DO NOT TOUCH

12:52PM EST - But in each seat is a Gear VR (Note 5 equipped)

12:51PM EST - Here's something interesting, the stage is in the center of the room with seats around the outside

12:51PM EST - Andrei and I are here to live blog the Samsung event

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  • speculatrix - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    I wonder if you all get to keep your VR kit afterwards?
  • CBone - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    Hate, hate, hate having the blog oriented with newest at the top!

    Other than that, nice work and I'm looking forward to the review and comparison between exynos and snapdragon versions.
  • zepi - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    This is / was a live blog. It is only sensible way to do it for people who follow it live.

    However, I agree that it would be nice to swap the ordering as soon as live event is done. I suppose this could be a very simple "order by dateposted asc" to SQL statement querying the stuff from the backend.
  • zeeBomb - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    I think Josh will upgrade his HTC One to the glorious S7 now.
  • jeffbui - Sunday, February 21, 2016 - link

    What was in the box?!
  • Ian Cutress - Monday, February 22, 2016 - link

    Gear VR headset (ca. $99), although it needs a Note 5 ($550+) to be useful.
  • raleighsimon - Monday, February 22, 2016 - link

    You are point to the topic and well explained each points in a perfect way. I like the way you have written this article. Thank you so much for sharing...
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