T-Mobile has become a very different company under CEO John Legere. Since his appointment in 2012, T-Mobile has gone through several phases of their Uncarrier campaigns which aim to differentiate them from Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Both he and their advertising campaigns are not afraid to directly attack other carriers in the United States for policies that have long been dreaded by consumers.

Today they launched a new campaign targeted at Verizon users in the United States. The campaign pokes fun at the "Never Settle" tagline and #NeverSettle hashtag that Verizon has been using in their recent ad campaign to promote their LTE network. T-Mobile's new Twitter hashtag for their campaign is #NeverSettleforVerizon, and the Never Settle Trial is a free trial of T-Mobile's service that current Verizon customers can sign up for.

The Never Settle trial will begin on May 13, and it will work as follows. Verizon users will port their number to T-Mobile for the trial period, but hold on to their current Verizon phone. If the user was happy with their service on T-Mobile then T-Mobile will cover their Verizon Early Termination Fee (ETF) and remaining device subsidy up to a maximum of $650 when they trade in their existing Verizon phone and sign up for one of T-Mobile's plans. If they were unhappy with the service, they can port back to Verizon and T-Mobile will cover their activation fees by sending them a prepaid Visa card for that amount, and they will also waive cost of their service while on T-Mobile.

I would assume the system is such that you keep your Verizon line during the duration of the trial, and when you port your number to T-Mobile a new number gets assigned to your Verizon account until you either leave or port back. I know on my carrier in Canada a number port request usually goes along with an account closure, so hopefully T-Mobile has planned all this out.

T-Mobile has made eight videos to promote this new campaign, and you can check those out in the source below.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Chaser - Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - link

    I used to travel often and T-Mobile simply wasn't suitable to the variety or urban and rural areas I would be randomly "living" in. But that all ended a year ago. Here in the Salt Lake city metro area T-Mobile is very trenched in. Their service here is one of the best. Yes if I go out into the fringe I am reminded of the differences but that's rare for me and usually very temporary like a quick ride out to the country-side and back. But T-Mobile's costs saving are worth it. Its LTE service is the best. I'm rocking an S6 Edge so I'm not sure about "phone selection". If you are a mostly city/burb dweller T-Mobile is a tough act to follow.

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