Sometimes you need a little extra storage on-the-go, that's when portable SSDs come into play - the SanDisk Extreme Portable 1TB External drive we reviewed back in September is now available at a discounted rate. Not every external SSD is designed for portability, but drives like these come with specialized features that target users who need to transport data physically on a regular basis. Extreme 1TB External USB Type-C: was $239, now $159 @BestBuy Extreme 1TB External USB Type-C: was $239, now $159 @Amazon This SSD is usually priced around $238 but is available today for just $159 on both the Best Buy and Amazon websites. This drive has high read/write speeds that get as fast as 1050/1000 MB/s. A user can also choose to encrypt your data...

AT Deals: Dell's New Tiger Lake Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1 Now $649

Intel's 11th generation Core "Tiger Lake" processors have recently launched, and laptops featuring them are already going on sale ahead of Black Friday. One such laptop is Dell's new...

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