Qualcomm RB5

Today Qualcomm is announcing an update to its robotics platform, upgrading the aging RB3 with a Snapdragon 845-based SoC with the new RB5 platform which is based on a newer Snapdragon 865 chipset. Qualcomm is aiming for gaining market share in the fast-growing industry that’s projected to reach $170B by 2025. What’s might be more interesting for AnandTech users, is the RB5’s potential as an Arm single-board computer platform, as the inclusion of the newest silicon here should represent a significant advantage for designs based on the RB5 platform and the Snapdragon 865 derived “QRB5165” chipset. The design of the RB5 platform comes in the form of a carrier board and a system-on-module board. The SOM contains the actual SoC alongside core components such as RAM...

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