This week is Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, the annual event where Intel and Intel’s partners show their latest products and discuss a number of core topics to Intel’s business. Last year the focus was on the new Skylake microarchitecture, and this year we have down on our list a number of 3D XPoint and Xeon Phi discussions and announcements. One of the first to contact us with their IDF news was ASRock Rack, the server arm of ASRock, about their high-density Xeon Phi solution. Overview of Xeon Phi X200, Knights Landing The Xeon Phi many-core platform is transitioning from an add-in card to stand-alone processor, with the latest Knights Landing generation offering up to 72 high performance cores (now a couple of generations away...

A Few Notes on Intel’s Knights Landing and MCDRAM Modes from SC15

When learning about new hardware, there are always different angles to look at it. For the most part, manufacturers talking to the media will focus on the hardware aspects...

10 by Ian Cutress on 11/16/2015

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