Hawley Creek

Intel 313 Series SSDs (also known as "Hawley Creek") were originally scheduled for Q4'11 release but obviously they were delayed. VR-Zone is now claiming that the release will take place alongside the Ivy Bridge processors and the 7-series chipsets. That could mean an April release, though there are also rumors of a delayed IVB launch. Either way, here's a quick rundown of the upcoming 313 SSDs. The 313 Series is the successor of the 311 Series (or Larson Creek if you prefer codenames), which is a 20GB SLC NAND SSD meant for caching with Intel's Z68 chipset with Smart Response Technology (SRT). SRT will be even more useful with the Ivy Bridge platform because there will be widespread support among the 7-series chipsets: two of...

Intel Discloses Cherryville & Hawley Creek SSDs: Intel's Fastest SSD in Q4

In addition to the SSD 710 series, Intel also disclosed two more SSDs codenamed: Cherryville and Hawley Creek. Cherryville is Intel's next 6Gbps SATA drive, replacing the SSD 510...

11 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 9/14/2011

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