Everyone old enough remembers Commodore 64. For many, it was their first computer. It was among the first computers aimed for home use and its unique form factor was unforgettable. Simply put, Commodore 64 had everything inside a keyboard-like chassis. The original Commodore 64 was made by Commodore International, which defuncted in 1994. Last year, a company called Commodore USA bought branding rights for Commodore brand. Commodore USA launched C64x Ultimate in 2010, which was a direct copy of the classical Commodore 64 with new internals. It featured a dual core Atom CPU and NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics, so not exactly top-notch hardware, considering that it was priced at $999. The company has now announced C64x Extreme with Core i7-2720QM. The complete specs are...

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