FSP is well-known for high-quality moderately-priced power supplies but is not particularly known for high-wattage units. At last year’s Computex the company demonstrated a PSU that could output 1400 W peak with liquid cooling for gamers and this year it showcased its first 2000 W PSU for other market segments. Cryptocurrency mining is opening up new business opportunities in general and for hardware makers in particular. Power supplies for mining are a good example of such new opportunities. Earlier this week we reported about a 3000 W mining PSU from Qdion, FSP’s entry-level brand. In addition to the 3 kW beast, FSP will offer a less extreme 2 kW PSU designed with mining in mind, but which will also appeal to owners of high-end desktops...

Going BIG: EVGA’s SuperNova 2000W G+ Power Supply

For the systems that run many big PCIe accelerators, multiple processors, and also power a small heating system, EVGA is producing the power supply for you. Coming in at...

6 by Ian Cutress on 6/5/2018

Super Flower & 8Pack Release the World's First 2kW Consumer PSU

A new record was broken today, as Super Flower announced the release of the most powerful consumer PSU ever made, the Leadex Platinum 2000W. The PSU has been allegedly...

65 by E. Fylladitakis on 1/30/2015

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