Shipping Revision of FIC’s AZ-11 to the Rescue

Not too long after our trip to Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, FIC managed to send us a final shipping revision of the AZ-11, which was considerably more stable than the pre-release engineering sample we originally previewed. 

The first thing that we noticed about the final board was that the set of OVERRIDE jumpers that we were blessed with on the prerelease board were no longer present.  Fortunately, the contacts were still on the board which gave us the hope that with a bit of soldering we might be able to get that functionality back on this shipping board.

Using our trusty soldering iron we soldered a total of 12 pins we removed from an older motherboard no longer in use into the 12 contact points on the AZ-11 board where the pins would normally be. 

The newly soldered pins

After making sure that the pins would not short each other, we fired up our AZ-11 test system, and as we had hoped, the clock multiplier functionality was still there. 

The First AZ-11 Limitation Number Two
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