VideoLogic boasts that these are the speakers to have for true HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) 3D positional audio. HRTF is essentially the set of audio filters that form the core of 3D positional audio. The speakers performed very well in all aspects of immersing the user in a 3D audio environment; one of the favorites used for testing was Unreal Tournament. It's always nice to hear your enemy coming up behind you, so you can spin around and fill him full of some chain gun action. 4-channel setups truly give you a much more realistic gaming experience. Overall, the Crossfire's performed extremely well in the gaming area, with punchy deep lows and crisp low distortion output. Quality sound reproduction is what makes any 4-channel setup enjoyable.

Head Related Transfer Fuunctions

Music The Crossfire's are sensational when playing anything. Music was reproduced in a clear and concise manner, keeping the sound natural and un-colored. VideoLogic seems to have considered sound quality as an important part in designing this system. These speakers will fill a fairly decent size room very well. These speakers were tested in a room size of 15' x 10'.

VideoLogic included a LFE (low frequency effects) input on the rear of the Crossfire's. What this enables you to do is from an external decoder, you can hook the front left and right to Input 1 left and right on the amp, and hook the rear left and right to Input 1 rear left and rear right on the amp, and hook the decoders LFE output into the LFE input on the amp. Then if the decoder supports it, you can make a phantom center channel out of your two front speakers, providing they are not too far apart. As a result, you will have decent simulated 5.1 setup. Due to the powerful punchy sub, and crisp, clean mids and highs, watching movies is very enjoyable. But if you are looking for a true 5.1 solution, you will want to look at either VideoLogic's DigiTheatre solution or something else, as there is no center channel or digital inputs.

Sound Quality Functionality & Conclusion


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