Cold Test Results (~25°C Ambient Temperature)

For the testing of PSUs, we are using high precision electronic loads with a maximum power draw of 2700 Watts, a Rigol DS5042M 40 MHz oscilloscope, an Extech 380803 power analyzer, two high precision UNI-T UT-325 digital thermometers, an Extech HD600 SPL meter, a self-designed hotbox and various other bits and parts. For a thorough explanation of our testing methodology and more details on our equipment, please refer to our How We Test PSUs - 2014 Pipeline post.

The 80Plus Gold certification demands less stringent efficiency levels compared to the Platinum tier, requiring over 87% efficiency at 50% load on a 115 VAC input and over 90% on a 230 VAC input. The Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 750W meets the certification requirements with an input voltage of 115 VAC but fails to do when the input voltage is 230 VAC. The average nominal load range efficiency (20% to 100% of the unit's capacity) for the Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 750W is 89.3% when powered from a 115 VAC source and 90.8% when powered from a 230 VAC source, good but not unexpected figures for the class of the unit.

The Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 750W PSU lacks a "hybrid" fan mode, meaning the fan activates as soon as the power supply is turned on. Despite this constant operation, the fan speed is kept fairly low across the first half of the load spectrum, ensuring that the PSU operates quietly at room temperature under typical usage. The speed of the fan arises sharply when the load exceeds 400 Watts, combating the rising thermal losses of the unit. Overall, the internal temperatures of the PSU are a bit higher than what we usually expect from an 80Plus Gold certified unit with this kind of power output, but not to the point they pose a threat to the PSU’s long term reliability.

Introduction, Examining Inside & Out Hot Test Results (~45°C Ambient Temperature)
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  • Orfosaurio - Friday, March 1, 2024 - link

    Not so cool from Cooler Master...
  • PeachNCream - Saturday, March 2, 2024 - link

    Keep it below 400W and it should be fine. Or just buy a budget laptop and a console, never worry about component-level silliness and still have money left for a mountain of games and software.
  • Orfosaurio - Saturday, March 2, 2024 - link

    But I'm worried about Cooler Master.
  • mindless1 - Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - link

    CM have always done this, jumped on the me too bandwagon and trying to find ways to shave cents off the BOM. The odd thing was that they became successful at all because their heatsink/fan offerings for example, were really bad, fans that tended to get noisy and fail prematurely and cheap crude chunks of extruded aluminum.
  • Orfosaurio - Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - link

    So how are they successful?

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