Performance vs. Transfer Size

ATTO is a useful tool for quickly benchmarking performance across various transfer sizes. You can get the complete data set in Bench. The P3700 does a good job of scaling performance, although Samsung definitely holds an advantage at some of the smaller transfer sizes when it comes to reads.

The story changes a bit if we look at sequential writes:

Note the ultra low performance at really small transfer sizes (512B - 2KB). To better showcase what I was seeing, I cropped out the larger transfers and just focused on the first few datapoints:

The P3700's performance is really low when it comes to ultra small sequential write transfers. Once you hit 4KB the P3700's performance skyrockets, but up until that point it's substantially slower than even a high end SATA drive. As very few workloads actually care about performance down here I suspect it's something that Intel never optimized for.

Random & Sequential Performance Final Words
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