Tul, the parent company of PowerColor, currently has two external graphics (eGFX) boxes for high-end graphics cards, as well as low-power miniature eGFX solutions. Both sides of the coin have allowed the company to gain a lot of experience when it comes to external Thunderbolt 3 graphics. At this year's Computex, the company demonstrated its upcoming enclosure for high-performance customers that will offer even more advantages over their previous-gen chassis. The TBX-750FA eGFX box is equipped with a 750 W power supply, which allows it to deliver up to 500 W of power to a graphics card as well as up to 100 W of power to its host laptop via USB-PD. With 500 W of power available to a video card, the chassis will...

TUL Shuts Down VTX3D Graphics Cards Brand

TUL Corp., the company behind graphics cards sold under PowerColor and VTX3D trademarks, has decided to shut down one of its brands. From a post on the company website...

35 by Anton Shilov on 8/5/2016

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