One of the bigger consortiums for developing benchmarks is BAPCo. Over the years the company has released a variety of benchmarking tools, such as MobileMark, TabletMark, and SYSmark. This latter software tool is run by a number of high profile OEMs to categorize their systems, and used by numerous government agencies to gauge performance on systems with key metrics. Today BAPCo is announcing its next generation of SYSmark, known as SYSmark 2018. The BAPCo consortium is a non-profit consortium, with members including Dell, HP, Hitachi, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Pegatron, Samsung, Toshiba, WD, Winstron, and others. The goal of the consortium is to develop objective performance benchmarks, using high profile and common tools as the baseline for the metrics. By virtue of being a high-profile non-profit...

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