The Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) headsets have been progressing in the new field of VR for some time, releasing and demoing several versions of their Hacker Development Kit (HDK) for a while now, and we even saw some demos back at CES 2015. They have been iterating the design a few times, with the current version being HDK 1.4. Today OSVR is announcing the updated HDK 2. The big improvement to HDK 2 compared to HDK 1.4 is the new display panel. HDK 2 now features the same 2160x1200 resolution OLED display as the Oculus rift, and with the same 90 Hz refresh rate. Resolution is still a big issue with VR kits, and the previous version was just a 1920x1080 display, so this...

OSVR Updates Hardware And Software For VR Dev Kits

OSVR is Open Source Virtual Reality, which is trying to stake its claim in the yet unrealized Virtual Reality landscape. Today they have announced that they have updated their...

6 by Brett Howse on 9/4/2015

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