A few months ago, we reviewed the Razer Blade 14” (2015) which we found to be a great laptop for those that wanted something thin and light but could still be used as a gaming PC. However, one of the big questions that was left unanswered with that review was whether the 1080p version of the laptop would have advantages in battery life, and whether the display was of the same quality as the QHD+ variant outside of differences in resolution. So to answer the question we reached out to Razer, who sent over the 1080p version of the Blade with Windows 10 for further evaluation. While advantages in battery life could be interesting, the most important part to look at first is the display...

The 2015 Razer Blade Review

The 2013 Razer Blade was a great gaming system with a not so great display. For 2014, Razer outfitted the Blade with a Sharp IGZO 3200x1800 display, as well...

116 by Brett Howse on 2/11/2015

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