Back in October 2015, AMD’s embedded business unit announced the first SoCs from AMD using DDR4, combining AMD’s Excavator cores found in the Carrizo notebook platform but fully integrated solutions focused at digital signage, medical, military, and other verticals. These were essentially Carrizo laptop parts validated slightly differently, in a variety of configurations using DDR4, and high performance by the R-series moniker. Today’s announcement is that the G-Series SoCs, the lower performance members of the stack, will also be transitioning to Excavator. Both the FT3 and FP4 platforms will have new pin-compatible parts with 10-year life cycles: for the FT3 package this is the lower-power G-Series LX, based on Jaguar, and in FP4 this is ‘Brown Falcon’ and ‘Prairie Falcon’, being the I-Family and...

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