EGlobal, a PC maker from China, has started sales of its ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) S200 PC. Uncommon for UCFF PCs, EGlobal's latest machines are based around Intel’s 45W laptop parts rather than their 65W+ desktop parts, somewhat limiting the vendor's chip options, but giving them more flexibility in terms of design. Case in point, the EGlobal S200s are only slightly larger than Intel’s own NUCs, but with the high-end Core i7-8750HK or Intel Xeon E-2176M inside they can offer considerably higher levels of performance. When Intel introduced its first NUC UCFF computers in 2013, it not only entered the market of PCs with own-brand products, but it demonstrated its partners among makers of desktops that UCFF PCs were not only feasible from technology point of...

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