Last year, NVIDIA introduced its cuLitho software library, which promises to speed up photomask development by up to 40 times. Today, NVIDIA announced a partnership with TSMC and Synopsys to implement its computational lithography platform for production use, and use the company's next-generation Blackwell GPUs for AI and HPC applications. The development of photomasks is a crucial step for every chip ever made, and NVIDIA's cuLitho platform, enhanced with new generative AI algorithms, significantly speeds up this process. NVIDIA says computational lithography consumes tens of billions of hours per year on CPUs. By leveraging GPU-accelerated computational lithography, cuLitho substantially improves over traditional CPU-based methods. For example, 350 NVIDIA H100 systems can now replace 40,000 CPU systems, resulting in faster production times, lower costs, and reduced...

NVIDIA's cuLitho to Speed Up Computational Lithography for 2nm and Beyond

Production of chips using leading-edge process technologies requires more compute power than ever. To address requirements of 2nm nodes and beyond, NVIDIA is rolling out its cuLitho software library...

31 by Anton Shilov on 3/27/2023

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