Samsung Foundry has started mass production of chips using its 6LPP and 7LPP manufacturing processes at its new V1 fab. The new facility employs one of the industry’s first production lines built from the ground up for technologies that heavily use EUV tools. EUVL is a key enabler for Samsung’s next-generation leading-edge fabrication processes as it allows to reduce usage of multipatterning, and increases yields of chips architected for smaller technologies. Samsung currently uses EUVL equipment for its 6LPP and 7LPP nodes, and will expand its usage in future nodes such as 5LPE, 4LPE, 3GAE, and 3GAP processes. Advertised PPA Improvements of New Process Technologies Data announced by companies during conference calls, press briefings and in press releases 7LPP vs 10LPE 6LPP vs 7LPP 5LPE vs 7LPP 3GAE vs 7LPP Power 50% lower 20% 50% Performance 20% ? 10% 35% Area Reduction 40% ~9% <20% 40% Samsung Foundry’s 7LPP and...

Samsung’s Aggressive EUV Plans: 6nm Production in H2, 5nm & 4nm On Track

Samsung Foundry formally started to produce chips using its 7LPP (7 nm low power plus) fabrication process last October and has not slowdown development of its manufacturing technologies since...

42 by Anton Shilov on 7/31/2019

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