05:04PM EDT - Unfortunately the last few photos won't upload. Pricing is identical to iPhone 6. iCloud also has new storage tiers, 99 cents for 50GB, 200GB for 2.99 USD. 1TB 9.99 USD/mo

02:58PM EDT - New dock accessory? New cases as well

02:56PM EDT - 300 mbps LTE-A, 2x2 802.11ac, and 28 LTE bands for roaming

02:55PM EDT - Facebook will support it

02:55PM EDT - developer API support for live photos

02:54PM EDT - Supported across all Apple products

02:54PM EDT - A second and a half of total video

02:53PM EDT - This is really reminding me of Zoe right now

02:53PM EDT - Live photos with 3D toucch that includes some video. Sounds like Zoe to me.

02:51PM EDT - 5MP FFC and using the display as a flash like LG but with custom display driver to flash display at 3x brightness for this flash mode

02:51PM EDT - You can edit 4K video on the phone as well

02:50PM EDT - Judging by the sample video the answer might be yes

02:50PM EDT - I wonder if iPhone also has good stabilization and no 5 min limit

02:49PM EDT - 4K video recording

02:49PM EDT - I'm not sure what they mean when they say "moved closer down"

02:48PM EDT - I'm not sure if it was mentioned but color filter array has changed to performance

02:48PM EDT - Dynamic range and exposure is said to be good

02:47PM EDT - I wonder if OIS is coming to 6s to maintain low light performance

02:46PM EDT - Interestingly no discussion of pixel size or sensor size

02:46PM EDT - Deep trench isolution is used to reduce crosstalk as seen in ISOCELL

02:46PM EDT - Explaining why bigger pixels are better such as crosstalk and sensor noise

02:45PM EDT - The sensor 50% more pixels and PDAF pixels increase with it

02:44PM EDT - 12MP camera

02:44PM EDT - Second gen TouchID is much faster

02:43PM EDT - Hey Siri now works always-on like the Moto X

02:43PM EDT - Motion coprocessor is on-die now instead of separate package

02:41PM EDT - Freeblade game demo showing off A9, 3D touch.

02:40PM EDT - 70% faster CPU?

02:40PM EDT - Interesting lack of disclosure on exact process, possibly 14/16nm split as rumored

02:38PM EDT - Showing off third party app support for this feature already

02:38PM EDT - Can enter multitasking with an edge swipe with pressure instead of double tap homme

02:37PM EDT - For some people emergency selfies would definitely be a killer app

02:37PM EDT - Apparently you can take emergency selfies with 3D touch

02:36PM EDT - A lot of contextual information can be quickly viewed with this system which is a neat idea

02:35PM EDT - You can also just flick up/left/right/down instead of pressing harder to do some quick actions

02:35PM EDT - You can peek at the email to read without marking as read. If you press harder, it will open it properly

02:33PM EDT - iPhone 6s also has taptic engine. Peak vibration happens in 1 cycle instead of multiple cycles

02:31PM EDT - A hard press allows you to also preview links and images without leaving the app you're currently in

02:31PM EDT - You can do things like shortcuts from the home screen

02:30PM EDT - This is really Force Touch buut a different name for some reason

02:29PM EDT - 3D Touch for iPhone

02:28PM EDT - New glass using dual ion exchange process

02:28PM EDT - Custom alu alloy, 7000 series

02:26PM EDT - I really wonder if A9 will have 14/16nm split or just 14 or just 16 process

02:26PM EDT - Predictably it looks like the iPhone 6

02:26PM EDT - Rose Gold iPhone 6s confirmed

02:25PM EDT - iPhone 6 customer satisfaction also said to be above other phones

02:25PM EDT - iPhone 6 is said to be the most popular iPhone ever

02:24PM EDT - Huge gains in China for Apple

02:24PM EDT - iPhone is next

02:23PM EDT - A bunch of inputs that include HDMI and ethernet

02:23PM EDT - Apple TV available in late October

02:21PM EDT - Continuity with games as well

02:20PM EDT - You can do a split screen video and also hockey coming in 2016?

02:20PM EDT - Live scoring data synced with the video

02:19PM EDT - The video is up to 60 fps

02:19PM EDT - You can see scoreboard or just highlights

02:19PM EDT - Another app for TV: baseball/MLB

02:16PM EDT - It should also be local to be truly so lo mo

02:16PM EDT - This app is social and mobile apparently?

02:15PM EDT - I wonder what kind of SoC is in Apple TV to enable this

02:15PM EDT - Gilt is for shopping on Apple TV

02:15PM EDT - Support in this game is up to 4 players

02:14PM EDT - It's a music-based game with some kind of baseball element

02:13PM EDT - Not rock band though as far as I can tell

02:13PM EDT - Rock Band on Apple TV demo is up next

02:11PM EDT - As long as one lives to checkpoint you can respawn. Also potential competitive mode

02:11PM EDT - Crossy road multiplayer allows you join co-op games with iPhone and other iOS devices

02:10PM EDT - multiplayer

02:10PM EDT - Console quality gaming supposedly?

02:09PM EDT - Lots of gaming apps

02:09PM EDT - Netflix, Hulu, HBO apps

02:08PM EDT - tvOS uses a lot of APIs similar to iOS

02:04PM EDT - Date, director, age ratings, and other information for suggestions

02:03PM EDT - Siri will also make it easy to search for things

02:03PM EDT - Also can skip back and turn on subtitles if you say "what was said" or something similar

02:03PM EDT - Siri during playback to do playback controls

02:00PM EDT - A surprisingly simple thing to do that actually improves user experience in a big way

02:00PM EDT - Siri searches multiple sources for a single piece of content

01:58PM EDT - Glass touch surface and Siri button on the remote

01:58PM EDT - Just a box and remote, not a whole TV

01:57PM EDT - Appears to use Apple TV remote as a controller

01:57PM EDT - Also gaming on the TV?

01:56PM EDT - Siri is clearly a big part of this push

01:54PM EDT - Future of TV is apps according to Apple

01:53PM EDT - I suspect Ryan would have to take that one

01:53PM EDT - I really hope this isn't an entire TV that we have to review.

01:53PM EDT - Apple TV is next

01:52PM EDT - I wonder if the display has improved

01:52PM EDT - iPad Mini 4 is the iPad Air 2 but mini.

01:51PM EDT - I also wonder whether there will be accessories using the new dock connector, possibly undercut Apple in accesories?

01:51PM EDT - I wonder whether this speaker system is better than front-facing speakers

01:50PM EDT - Carbon fiber cap in speakers?

01:50PM EDT - I really want to know what's going on with A9X, which should be interesting.

01:49PM EDT - I wonder what the range of variable refresh is. Hopefully PSR is also available.

01:49PM EDT - I guess it makes sense to save money if you don't want a stylus or physical keyboard?

01:49PM EDT - These accessories are kind of pricey considering they don't come with the iPad

01:46PM EDT - Can share the 3D model to a patient on their own iPad

01:45PM EDT - Can show 3D simulation of conditions such as torn meniscus and arthritis, etc.

01:45PM EDT - Surgeon simulator for iPad Pro would be fun

01:44PM EDT - Can simulate surgery

01:44PM EDT - You can accurately simulate muscle/bone interactions

01:42PM EDT - Medical visualization application in iPad Pro

01:41PM EDT - Drawing application from Adobe that sounds oddly similar to Nvidia Dabbler or something similar for simulating certain media

01:40PM EDT - You can add a smile to a person that isn't

01:40PM EDT - Facial detection in retouching engine

01:40PM EDT - Photoshop Fix for retouching on iPad

01:39PM EDT - TypeKit fonts on iOS for iPad Pro Adobe apps

01:38PM EDT - Adobe is up next for apps on iPad Pro

01:37PM EDT - Over 20 different object types supported

01:37PM EDT - You can copy into Powerpoint as well and you can draw to automatically generate graphics based on what you draw

01:36PM EDT - Word inking is supported and you can use multitasking to copy excel graphs to word etc

01:35PM EDT - Apologies, I'm trying to keep up with photos and text but they're definitely moving quickly

01:35PM EDT - OneNote with this would be awesome

01:35PM EDT - Microsoft showing productivity support for iPad Pro

01:34PM EDT - The question of "how would Apple sell a pen" has finally been answered

01:33PM EDT - Not more pixels than the 5k, after doing some quick math I think it's referring to normal iMacs

01:32PM EDT - Single pixel precision

01:32PM EDT - The stylus charges from the tablet using lightning connector

01:31PM EDT - Low input latency and you can use touch simultaneously

01:31PM EDT - When using stylus sampling rate ups to 2x to improve accuracy and responsiveness

01:31PM EDT - Not sure if the stylus needs a battery

01:31PM EDT - Position, force, and tilt

01:30PM EDT - It's called Apple Pencil

01:29PM EDT - iPad Pro comes with a stylus it seems

01:29PM EDT - Connects using magnetic three pin connector

01:28PM EDT - Uses same switch type as Macbook

01:28PM EDT - Keyboard case for the iPad Pro a lot like the Surface Pro

01:27PM EDT - I wonder what the CPU config is like

01:27PM EDT - Absolutely is 1xnm FF

01:27PM EDT - 6.9mm and 1.57 pounds

01:26PM EDT - 4 speaker system and balances based on hand position, 3x sound volume of iPad Air 2

01:26PM EDT - Battery life is the same as iPad

01:25PM EDT - IGZO TFT, custom TCON, and photoalignment

01:25PM EDT - Dynamic refresh rate isn't necessarily new, but interesting to know it's new to iOS

01:24PM EDT - The 2x figure is interesting. Probably combo of quad core and higher clocks

01:22PM EDT - More pixels than iMac 5k

01:22PM EDT - 12.9" because iPad Air dimensions. 2732x2048 pixels

01:20PM EDT - Discussing motivation for the bigger display

01:19PM EDT - More deafening applause

01:19PM EDT - iPad Pro

01:17PM EDT - IBM and Cisco partnership to bring iPad to enterprise in a useful manner

01:16PM EDT - On to iPad

01:16PM EDT - No hardware refresh

01:16PM EDT - Apple Watch new variants are available now

01:16PM EDT - WatchOS 2 launches September 16

01:15PM EDT - Choice here is obviously important but the move to 14nm will be much more important for enabling new user experiences

01:15PM EDT - New sport band colors and Product red variant

01:15PM EDT - More black stainless steel Apple watch bands.

01:14PM EDT - Yes, rose gold and gold aluminum Watch Sport

01:13PM EDT - Looks like rose god and gold?

01:13PM EDT - New colors for the Watch Sport

01:12PM EDT - Partnership with Hermes for new watch band

01:10PM EDT - Can read pregnancy information live from Apple Watch using home monitoring remotely

01:09PM EDT - Can send HIPPAA compliant communications from watch

01:09PM EDT - Live/real time data can be viewed, security is done by one-time auth until watch is removed.

01:08PM EDT - Relevant data shown on Apple Watch for doctors and nurses such as next patient and vital signs

01:07PM EDT - AirStrip demo with Dr. Cameron Powell

01:06PM EDT - Facebook Messenger is important win here

01:06PM EDT - Over 10k watch apps. Some app demos

01:05PM EDT - Third party complications and a general review of WatchOS 2.

01:04PM EDT - Might be a good sign, hard to tell without more context

01:04PM EDT - High customer satisfaction but not clear of what the value is.

01:03PM EDT - Currently discussing what's good about Apple Watch like fitness, etc.

01:02PM EDT - Apple Watch is up first.

01:02PM EDT - I'm apparently right in front of the employees because their cheering is deafening right now

01:01PM EDT - Tim Cook takes the stage for introductions.

01:00PM EDT - We're currently seated at the venue waiting for the event to start

12:59PM EDT - We're currently seated at the venue waiting for the event to start

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  • Mbonus - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

  • abrowne1993 - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    How is 2072x2048 more than 5120x2880?
  • abrowne1993 - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    *2732x2048, point still stands.
  • mlkmade - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    I was literally just going to ask the same thing. maybe because the 5k doesn't use its native resolution? and combines the pixels up for retina or something? I never understood MAC retina bs
  • CullenJ - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    It seems like a marketing ploy at this point. Oh look! MOAR pixels!

    It's not like you can make out the pixels on their previous retina screens (and it's not really degrading your experience in any way even if you can).
  • akdj - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    The ability to zoom in, doctor photos or utilize a stylus for fine tip artwork and creative is the reason for the pixel amounts, and if you watched the presentation, the new iPad Pro is exactly as wide (in pixels) as the Air 2 is tall.
    That allows easy transition of app development to display ..as well, allowing the artist to get incredibly intimate with his or her photographic manipulation or drawing/writing (Asian languages, calligraphy, even comics benefit from the extreme resolution), even pixel for pixel 4K motion editing for color correction, effects, blemishes and continuity.
    If you're hung up on marketing ploys and gibberish theories of HiDPI displays being a negative, you're very, extremely and entirely 100% wrong. I'm 44, my eyes don't see as well anymore and with the help of ten dollar cheaters from Walmart, I instantly see the differences between iPad 1 & 2 vs 3, 4, Air and Air 2 ...the latter with further development and lamination to the digitizer, essentially eliminating glare ..as well as their year to year smaller 'betterment' In display technology has led to some phenomenal technology I use daily and appreciate even more with each iteration
    (As do my eyes, as I swear they've gone downhill since 'retina' or HiDPI displays were first commercialized and 'realized' with thr iPhone 4! Thank The Lord for HiDPI or 'retina' technology! It's a GodSend! IMHO of course and as always ymmv)
    And my friend, as the displays become larger, indeed it takes more pixels to achieve parity in density. Anyone that uses an iPad or MacBook Pro with retina display I'm sure can attest to how RONG you are!
  • Oxford Guy - Thursday, September 10, 2015 - link

    I have good vision, thanks to contacts, and I think retina on my Macbook is overrated. I'd rather have a lower-resolution matte screen like I had on my 2008 Macbook Pro, only with better color quality, better contrast, and no PWM. (The glare from reflections is more annoying than seeing pixels.) That, of course, was a first-generation LCD backlit screen though.
  • akdj - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    You're mistaken the iMac (5K) for the 15" & 13" retina MacBook Pros
    The 15" is 2880x1800 (very close, but less than the new iPad Pro)
    The 13" is 2560x1600, also close ...and a hair denser than the 15"
    The 5K iMac is nearly 15 million pixels, @ 14.7, I believe

    This is a hell of a display, considering the 'Pencil', it's (lack of) latency and '3D push' gestures, not to mention the per pixel sensitivity (using the pencil) -- just the Doc's example alone, she blew me away with her demonstration ...and the iPad's ability graphically
  • akdj - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    If you go back and listen again, he says 'that's more pixels than the Retina MacBook Pro! (He 'may' have said the 15", 'the larger rMBP' or some such thing ...I can't recall exactly other than he definitely said MacBook Pro, not iMac ((retina specific)).
  • lilmoe - Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - link

    "How is 2072x2048 more than 5120x2880"

    Because Apple.

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