Real-world virtualization benchmarking: the best server CPUs compared

We proudly present our newest virtualization benchmarking effort: vApus Mark I. The results are quite surprising on the latest server CPUs as it paints a very different picture than...

66 by Johan De Gelas on 5/21/2009

quick update from the "Professional IT" lab

0 by Johan De Gelas on 5/19/2009

VMmark Scores Investigated: should VMmark be part of your hardware decisions?

VMmark is supposedly the most important industry standard benchmark today. We investigate the confusing number of different Xeon 5570 VMmark scores and try to understand how relevant VMmark is...

23 by Johan De Gelas on 5/8/2009

The Best Server CPUs part 2: the Intel "Nehalem" Xeon X5570

Better hardware virtualization, a vastly improved server platform, and eight logical cores per CPU: it's no secret that the Xeon "Nehalem" X5570 is the Formula One car among the...

44 by Johan De Gelas on 3/30/2009

SSD versus Enterprise SAS and SATA disks

We compare RAID configurations of up to 16 SATA drives, up to eight SAS drives, and up to eight Intel X25-E SLC SSDs in different situations and try to...

67 by Johan De Gelas on 3/20/2009

Istanbul versus Nehalem, some extra notes

0 by Johan De Gelas on 2/27/2009

Will Nehalem conquer the server world by storm?

0 by Johan De Gelas on 2/12/2009

Nehalem Xeon EP update: too good but true

0 by Johan De Gelas on 2/11/2009

The Best Server CPUs Compared, Part 1

This article is different from the previous ones, as we have changed the methodology we use to evaluate a server CPU. Read on, and find out why we feel...

29 by Johan De Gelas on 12/22/2008

Intel Xeon 5570: Smashing SAP records (scoop!)

30 by Johan De Gelas on 12/16/2008

LINPACK: Nehalem vs Shanghai part 2

31 by Johan De Gelas on 12/1/2008

LINPACK: Intel's Nehalem versus AMD Shanghai

60 by Johan De Gelas on 11/28/2008

MySQL and the power of Intel SSDs

0 by Johan De Gelas on 11/9/2008

Intel Xeon 7460: Six Cores to Bulldoze Opteron

Despite the huge die size and 1.9 billion (!) transistors, the six-core Xeon 74xx is a wallflower, for both the public as Intel's marketing. If you've invested in a...

36 by Johan De Gelas on 9/23/2008

Intel Xeon E-stepping: 200 MHz more or 30W less

0 by Johan De Gelas on 9/9/2008

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