After previously announcing that Windows 8 would have a retail launch sometime in late October, Microsoft has nailed down a final date: Friday, October 26th. The launch on a Friday instead of a Thursday or Sunday is a bit of an odd move, but this is otherwise consistent with Microsoft's previous launches. The only real unknown at this point is when Microsoft will start taking pre-orders - Windows 7 saw fairly early pre-orders as part of a two-week pre-order promotion, but Windows 8's equivalent promotion runs until 2013.

Meanwhile Windows 8 is still on track to RTM in the first week of August, which means the OS will actually be finished within a couple of weeks. Since the Windows 8 Release Preview wasn't technically feature complete and Microsoft still hasn't gone into great detail about Windows 8's new and unnamed desktop visual theme that will be replacing Aero, RTM leaks will likely be our first chance to see the new theme in action.

Source: Microsoft

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  • SlyNine - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - link

    Ohh good for you. So because some study showed its not being used much means that its not effective??

    You act like this is a move forward. At BEST its different, at worst it will slow people down.

    Other than that your argument is just an ad hominem attack. Plus your analogies are shit and completely irrelevant.
  • jnr0077 - Thursday, July 26, 2012 - link

    they all ready did windows 7 is brilliant we just need cheep touch screen monitor so people can enjoy what they know and love
  • jabber - Friday, July 20, 2012 - link

    ...but you know I have zero excitement for this instalment.

    I'll buy some cheap release copies to pass on to customers at a later date but I doubt I'll be using it.

    I ran with the previous 8 Beta on a old tablet laptop for a while. I then installed the current Beta but then only used it for a day before putting it away.

    Just not the 'must have' leap that 7 had over XP and Vista. Just feels like a modded and hamstrung Windows 7 to me.
  • p05esto - Saturday, July 21, 2012 - link

    Microsoft, you better be thinking REAL hard about allowing a classic interface without that horrid start screen and Metro UI. This is a critical decision point for you, things will go very bad if you push out Win8 as is.... a revolt like you've never seen will be upon you. It won't be pretty, could be deadly to the company in fact.
  • Belard - Sunday, July 22, 2012 - link

    You going to turn into the giant green monster?

    I think its rather exciting... either its going to be a home-run and generate tablet and WP8 phone sales... or its going to piss-off so many people that they REJECT the tablets and WP8 phones. (as you know, those WP7 phones are NOT flying off the shelves)

    I want to see MS get hit hard on this. They do something this damn stupid - they deserve to look a huge chunk of market share. Win8 piracy = nil... Win7 piracy goes up.
  • jnr0077 - Thursday, July 26, 2012 - link

    totally agree with you i thought it is a backward step taking away start menu they need to sack the guy who made this key change
  • Dezireal - Monday, July 23, 2012 - link

    Hey everyone

    To be quite honest we ran the Windows 8 Public Release on demo machine we have here at our shop to get the thoughts of our clients and consumers on the new jump and concept of windows 8

    When windows 7 and Vista was released we battled big time to get our clients to adjust to the new platforms and those that we upgraded onto Windows 7 & Vista we had alot of complaints that certain things were just too complicated and different for them compared to windows XP

    I sat here thinking to myself that Windows 8 will simply just confuse the issue more. Strangely enough quite the opposite has happened, I do realize that the Public Release isnt a complete product, but many of our clients are impressed at the ease of getting things done and quick access to information based off the apps for news, sports and weather and such.

    So for many of end users based in residential areas and what not I feel will be a lot more easier for them as things are some what many simpler for them in that respect.

    Where as for myself I will have to wait for the final product to hit the shelves before I can really speak my mind about it, I am impressed so far by it but will it deliver to me the same experience as windows 7? Allowing me to do more and opening up a better OS to me? or will it turn out to be another vista? False Promises and a disappointment.

    End note is I am excited and I look forward to the release but I just hope that I am not let down by Microsoft.

    They had a lot to make up for with vista and that trust still hasn't fully recovered.

    Enjoy further and go well everyone.
  • jnr0077 - Thursday, July 26, 2012 - link

    tryed the beta test 9 months ago as for the new 8 os i had it on my hard drive for 24 hours before formatting it as there no window start menu you got a left or right option it seemed to be they were trying to make it like apple terrible any windows user will tell you dont take away the option of a start menu button as windows 7 is totally brilliant
    i think they though 8 @ the board & it makes me laugh and smile were did they go wrong :)

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