Dell has introduced a new version of its 4K Interactive Touch Monitor designed, as its name implies, for interactive and collaborative work by groups of people. The new version comes with an 85.6-inch display panel, which outpaces Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 in size and makes the product biggest in this class of devices.

The Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C8621QT) uses an IPS panel of a 3840x2560 resolution as well as standard brightness and contrasts for this type of panels. The display features ‘In Glass’ touch surface supporting up to 20 touch points simultaneously, which allows multiple users to work with the LCD at the same time. Meanwhile, the display comes with only one stylus, so collective drawing/writing will require an appropriate number of pens.

Unlike Microsoft’s Surface Hub, Dell’s 75-inch and 85.6-inch 4K Interactive Touch Monitors are not full-fledged PCs, but are displays which can work with any host that connects to them. For those who want to transform these LCDs into a tightly-integrated all-in-one PC with a corporate software image that takes into account security policies, Dell offers an optional OptiPlex Micro PC that can be installed into a special slot on the rear of these monitors.

Being very versatile, the Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor has six inputs: a DisplayPort, four HDMI connectors, and a USB Type-C port with DP Alt Mode and a 90 W Power Delivery to the host. The LCD also has four USB Type-A ports (along with three USB Type-B upstream connectors) as well as GbE and RS232 ports for management. The LCD has its own mounting mechanism, but also has VESA mounting holes, providing some additional flexibility.

Dell plans to start sales of its 86-Inch Interactive Touch Monitor in April. The manufacturer does not disclose pricing of the display just yet, but since we are talking about a unique commercial-grade product that has just one rival, expect an appropriate MSRP.

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