01:10PM EDT - That's a wrap! Now for some talks.

01:10PM EDT - Main takeaways: Broadwell-EP, Intel's first 3D NAND drives, Intel's Resource Director Technology, native cloud acceleration

01:08PM EDT - Wrapping up now

01:08PM EDT - 'Professional services expected to grow 45% this year'

01:07PM EDT - 'People are really building their own cloud'

01:06PM EDT - Successful deployments include Ancestry.com, moving part of their workload to native cloud

01:05PM EDT - 'Turnkey clouds can be rolled into the data center'

01:05PM EDT - Others are looking at public cloud as their 2nd/3rd homes for their capabilities

01:05PM EDT - customers are looking at moving from public cloud to private cloud and optimization

01:04PM EDT - Mark Williams, CTO from Redapt on stage to talk about Cloud Builders and deployment

01:03PM EDT - 'deploying solutions around the world with these blueprints'

01:03PM EDT - 17 of the top 20 comms service provides will be using the cloud partners program as part of NFE

01:02PM EDT - 340 companies involved

01:01PM EDT - ASUS, Gigabyte in there

01:01PM EDT - All these partners

01:01PM EDT - Announcing Intel's Cloud Builders programme

01:01PM EDT - 'Involving everyone in this process'

12:58PM EDT - First is opening in Santa Clara today

12:57PM EDT - VMware is launching cloud centers of excellence

12:55PM EDT - Large interest in container based computing

12:54PM EDT - Launching the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

12:53PM EDT - Just an aside, here's a list of SKUs in one of HP's new Workstation product briefs:

12:50PM EDT - GIFEE - Google's Infrastructure for Everyone Else uses it

12:49PM EDT - Intel announcing a new native scheduler for VMs and Containers as part of OpenStack

12:48PM EDT - 'A universal resource scheduler is one of the most important parts for efficiency'

12:47PM EDT - A slide with Andy Grove

12:46PM EDT - Double in size by 2020

12:46PM EDT - Cloud infrastructure software revenue growth is 27% CAGR projected

12:45PM EDT - Jason Waxman to the stage, CVP and GM of the Cloud Platforms Group

12:44PM EDT - Starting today, E5 v4 will be available from partners

12:44PM EDT - >60k encrypted streams per node

12:43PM EDT - Netflix is 35% of North America traffic, streaming from a private content delivery network

12:43PM EDT - I see 'E5 v4 2697A' listed on this slide

12:42PM EDT - Now talking secure clouds with containers and content delivery

12:41PM EDT - Facebook, AppFormix, VMWare, China Mobile and Alibaba are already using IRDT

12:40PM EDT - 'Data Center efficiency on services up 4x'

12:39PM EDT - Gives people more trust in the platform to run in a virtualised environment

12:38PM EDT - IRDT makes it a lot easier with important VMs getting the cache it needs

12:38PM EDT - Cache misses on the old platform gave latency

12:37PM EDT - Delivering consistent latency is important

12:36PM EDT - Wanted to remove jitter with our trading software

12:36PM EDT - Used to be happy with 2 s response. Now 10s of microseconds needed

12:34PM EDT - @TheKanter ... :)

12:34PM EDT - OK, just been told by David Kanter it is on the fly

12:34PM EDT - Is this on the fly adjustment, or just when launching a VM?

12:33PM EDT - Before: each VM would take as much L3 as needed. Now: each VM can have limited L3 access depending on priority

12:32PM EDT - Now Intel Resource Director Technology

12:32PM EDT - '25 new world record performance benchmarks'

12:31PM EDT - This is real-world v4 improvements over v3, mostly customer testing

12:30PM EDT - Johan's review on Xeon E5-2600 v4 (Broadwell-EP) is now live: http://www.anandtech.com/print/10158/the-intel-xeon-e5-v4-review

12:30PM EDT - D3700 series is Intel's first dual port PCIe SSD, maintains 100% perf after controller failure

12:29PM EDT - So P3320 line is scale out for capacity, D3700 series is scale up for performance

12:28PM EDT - PCIe SSDs with NVMe of course

12:28PM EDT - P3320 is cloud focused 3D NAND solution, up to 2TB I think

12:28PM EDT - New SSDs from Intel use Intel's first 3D NAND

12:28PM EDT - Data Center SSD sales doubled 2014 to 2015

12:27PM EDT - the Encryption speedup is due to the Broadwell instructions

12:26PM EDT - TSX is back, and fixed

12:26PM EDT - AVX turbo speeds are now per-core rather than chip wide

12:26PM EDT - Intel Resource Director and up to 70% more encryption perf per core

12:26PM EDT - Broadwell-EP up to 22 cores on a chip, up to DDR4-2400

12:25PM EDT - P3520/3320 and D3700/D3600

12:25PM EDT - and four new Data Center SSDs

12:25PM EDT - E5-26xx v4

12:24PM EDT - Announcing Broadwell-EP

12:24PM EDT - 'Priority is also to deliver end-to-end security'

12:23PM EDT - 'Agility is the drive to the cloud: without having to wait days and weeks for adjustments'

12:23PM EDT - 'The need for performance in a virtualised environment'

12:22PM EDT - Total core counts drives down TCO

12:22PM EDT - And the event WiFi just failed

12:22PM EDT - 'software defined infrastructure with automated provisioning'

12:21PM EDT - Now talking about the next generation of Xeons

12:21PM EDT - Lots of buzzwords, but this is an event for customers as well

12:19PM EDT - 'Data security and student security is one of our important priorities with strong safeguards'

12:19PM EDT - 'The cloud is perfect for this'

12:18PM EDT - 'Thin clients in the classroom doesn't need to store rich content, it can be drawn from the cloud and be adaptive'

12:18PM EDT - Serving content based on a student's way of learning, either new directions of content or pushing student ability

12:18PM EDT - Provides students with online and offline access to content to help learning

12:17PM EDT - HMH is deploying private cloud solutions in education

12:17PM EDT - 'Many schools are struggling with basic infrastructure needs, but transformation brings about opportunity'

12:16PM EDT - John O'Connell, SVP from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on stage talking about education learning through digital

12:15PM EDT - 'The education market has been moving from the physical world to the digital world in a big way'

12:14PM EDT - 'Big Data and personalised analytics' - these will be the buzzwords of the day for sure

12:14PM EDT - These five are launching cloud based services to develop new revenue streams

12:13PM EDT - A big focus on security with their implementations

12:13PM EDT - Swisscom has infrastructre, platform and now cloud as a service solutions

12:12PM EDT - Flipkart works in India for localized data centers, and their capacity has been doubling every year

12:12PM EDT - Running a cloud data center in Korea at 95F with Naver

12:11PM EDT - These are three cloud service providers working with Intel right now

12:11PM EDT - 'Looking at the next wave of public cloud service providers beyond the Super 7'

12:10PM EDT - Azure for private cloud and hybrid solutions are with MS customers

12:10PM EDT - Of course, Azure

12:10PM EDT - Talking about FPGA solutions in the cloud with Intel and Altera

12:09PM EDT - A video on Microsoft's strategy now

12:08PM EDT - 'Published 20 reference architectures with >65% proof of concept with end-users in commercial deployments'

12:08PM EDT - 'Our strategy is to simplify the deployment process rather than just increase the number of experts'

12:07PM EDT - 'Number 1 barrier to cloud deployment used to be security, now it's lack of expertise'

12:07PM EDT - 'More to do, but more will be done'

12:07PM EDT - 'We've addressed many issues surrounding stability in OpenStack, particularly for private'

12:06PM EDT - 'Deploying a private cloud for an enterprise environment has different feature requirements than a public cloud'

12:05PM EDT - 'Assembled the largest OpenStack development team, opened San Antonio OpenStack innovation center'

12:05PM EDT - 'How do you deploy a multi-component stack with confidence?'

12:04PM EDT - 'Removing barriers to adoption'

12:04PM EDT - 'We should go from start from fully functional portal in less than a day' - goal from 9 months ago

12:04PM EDT - optimized for hardware

12:03PM EDT - Investing in the software stack making sure it's featured and easy to deploy

12:03PM EDT - 'Anticipation for 5G as well'

12:03PM EDT - 'How quickly can we get the next 10k clouds deployed? is a question that drove our cloud for all initiative

12:02PM EDT - 'It is a hybrid world between cloud and private'

12:01PM EDT - 'Growth in geo-located cloud'

12:01PM EDT - 'Cloud can be agile and fluid, especially at scale'

12:00PM EDT - 'Deploying new cloud based revenue solutions'

12:00PM EDT - 'The dependency that businesses have on cloud continues to grow'

12:00PM EDT - 'Born in the cloud businesses'

11:59AM EDT - 'We all think PC is a big deal, but Cloud is a big disruptor'

11:59AM EDT - 'Every generation is a step up in efficiency based on the on-demand nature of compute'

11:59AM EDT - 'The new way ICT is deployed and consumed'

11:58AM EDT - 'Cloud is the big disruptor'

11:58AM EDT - Diane Bryant on stage

11:58AM EDT - Just going over logistics

11:57AM EDT - 'This day is designed to give you a snapshot of what the industry is doing in the cloud'

11:57AM EDT - Here we go

11:51AM EDT - I've also got a meeting with the VP of the NVMe group at Intel later today

11:51AM EDT - I've got the list of talks in front of me: Xeons, Storage, Performance, Open Network Platform, Smart Workloads

11:50AM EDT - Cloud Day is a day of talks and discussions about Intel's Cloud and Data Center strategy

11:48AM EDT - Front row seats, looking forward to some interesting announcements



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