09:42PM EDT - AMD is having a press conference here in Taipei for Computex 2017. Starting in 20 minute or so

09:42PM EDT - AMD held it's Financial Analyst Day two weeks ago where they announced a few things like Epyc

09:42PM EDT - so I'm not sure exactly what's on the announcement list today

10:00PM EDT - It's very red in here, as you can see. And we've got the typical fare of AMD-powered systems throughout the room.

10:02PM EDT - We are about to start, oh so it seems. President of AMD's greater China region, Spencer Pan kicking things off.

10:03PM EDT - AMD has been in Taiwan for 30 years. Spencer is promising details about the high end of the PC market.

10:03PM EDT - AMD has been in Taiwan for 30 years. Spencer is promising details about the high end of the PC market.

10:05PM EDT - Lisa Su now taking stage. Reiterating the 30th anniversary in Taiwan, and talking about this region's role in the ecosystem.

10:06PM EDT - Lisa is talking about high performance computing, and its importance in everything AMD does. This is a continuation of what AMD talked about at the Financial Analyst Day.

10:07PM EDT - Markets on this front: Data center (Epyc), Immersive (Vega) and of course PCs. She says we'll be talking about the PC market a bit more today, but starting with data center.

10:09PM EDT - Data center drivers: huge amounts data. But also the data center has heterogenous workload needs -- performance, but also better security and more TCO (total cost of ownerships). Hence, EPYC. Thinking not just about CPU performance but system-wide performance. AMD wants to ensure leadership in two socket. 45% more cores, 122% more memory bandwidth, 60 more I/O.

10:10PM EDT - Then onto single socket designs: 1 EPYC processor is more than 50% of Intel's offerings. But also lower power consumption and operating expense. Striving for 30% TCO advantage.

10:11PM EDT - Showing some of the competitive performance numbers now. Announcing EPYC launch on June 20, 2017 worldwide. Announcing this for the first time here.

10:13PM EDT - Now moving onto Radeon Instinct. Advanced design for compute and scale out performance. About 25 Teraflops of performance (with optimized software workloads).

10:13PM EDT - Showing benchmark in machine learning vs P100 with DeepBench.

10:14PM EDT - More discussion around that combination of EPYC and Radeon Instinct in the data center. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

10:15PM EDT - Recapping Ryzen 7, 5

10:15PM EDT - Ryzen 3 coming in Q3

10:15PM EDT - A few Ryzen OEM systems are on display at the show

10:15PM EDT - All five major OEMs launching systems this quarter

10:15PM EDT - Dell to the stage

10:16PM EDT - Systems on the stage: desktops and all-in-ones

10:16PM EDT - Dell launched three products: two all-in-ones and a desktop

10:16PM EDT - The desktop is designed for gaming

10:16PM EDT - 'Worlds first and only all-in-one with an eight core CPU'

10:17PM EDT - (I don't think he was counting Xeons here'

10:17PM EDT - CPU plus a GPU up to 110W

10:17PM EDT - Infinity edge display

10:17PM EDT - Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11455/dell-launches-inspiron-27-7775-aio-ryzen-7-rx-580

10:17PM EDT - 'VR Ready' with RX 570

10:17PM EDT - Now onto the gaming desktops

10:18PM EDT - A large amount of volume dedicated to cooling components

10:18PM EDT - Note that Dell systems use proprietary motherboards

10:18PM EDT - It'd be interesting to see exactly what goes on with them for AM4

10:19PM EDT - Acer (Jerry Kao) now to the stage, president of IT Products Business

10:19PM EDT - 'AMD are energetic like teenagers!'

10:19PM EDT - 'Everyone thinks about gaming and the best of performance'

10:19PM EDT - 'There are a lot of gamers who are casual gamers'

10:20PM EDT - He's holding a laptop with RX560 inside and Ryzen

10:20PM EDT - Look at that bezel

10:20PM EDT - 15-inch it looks like

10:20PM EDT - 15-inch Full-HD with Dolby Audio Premium

10:21PM EDT - 'Acer's best thermal technology'

10:21PM EDT - I'm surprised people are talking about Cooling here. It's as if they're trying to say something

10:21PM EDT - Now showing a desktop with Ryzen 7 and AMD GPU

10:21PM EDT - 'AMD is the only company to provide the combination of CPU and GPU'

10:22PM EDT - 'In an office, this is a powerful PC. It also does gaming'

10:22PM EDT - Wireless charging into the base unit

10:22PM EDT - HP to the stage: Spike Huang (Director HP Omen Product Management)

10:23PM EDT - Stating HP and AMD's partnership, 'based on trust'

10:24PM EDT - Showing desktop on stage with Ryzen

10:24PM EDT - Same chassis design we've seen with Bristol Ridge units

10:24PM EDT - Lenovo to the stage, Tony Chen, Executive Director Consumer PC Product Management

10:25PM EDT - Two media centers with AMD CPUs being announced at the show from Lenovo

10:25PM EDT - 'Ryzen has many threads for gamers'

10:25PM EDT - 'AMD CPU and GPU'

10:25PM EDT - >lots of marketing, but it's AMD showing they have ecosystem partners in place

10:26PM EDT - ASUS to the stage, Derek Yi, Global Marketing Director of ROG

10:27PM EDT - 'ROG is very successful with AMD'

10:27PM EDT - 'AMD Laptops have been missing for a while, so ROG is announcing one with Ryzen'

10:28PM EDT - RX 580, Ryzen 7 CPU

10:28PM EDT - 512GB M.2

10:28PM EDT - ROG Gaming Center

10:28PM EDT - ASUS Strix GL702ZC

10:29PM EDT - rolls off the tongue

10:29PM EDT - Freesync panel

10:29PM EDT - 'VR Ready'

10:29PM EDT - Scores 1410 on Cinebench

10:29PM EDT - So is it a dekstop CPU ?

10:30PM EDT - 'Close to the highest retail laptop score for Cinebench'

10:30PM EDT - Good bezels

10:30PM EDT - Supporting OBS

10:30PM EDT - No details on screen resolution, 1080p likely

10:31PM EDT - Jim Anderson to the stage, SVP and GM of Computing and Graphics

10:31PM EDT - Talking about the past and future of AMD

10:32PM EDT - Talking about the next wave of products for 12-16 months

10:32PM EDT - Ryzen in Mobile for Computex

10:32PM EDT - That's CPU, not APU, at this time

10:33PM EDT - Today has new product updates for notebook and desktops

10:33PM EDT - Goign to talk APUs and Threadripper

10:33PM EDT - Starting with Mobile

10:33PM EDT - APUs coming to consumer premium systems in 2H

10:33PM EDT - Working with OEMs for several months already

10:33PM EDT - In 2-in-1s, convertables and ultraportables

10:34PM EDT - Obviously they're targeting traditional ultraportable markets, because they have such a low market share

10:34PM EDT - APUs coming 2H17 for consumer, Pro APUs for commercial coming 1H18

10:34PM EDT - APUs will have Zen cores and Vega Graphics

10:35PM EDT - focusing on the trifecta: CPU perf, GPU perf and efficiency

10:35PM EDT - Ryzen Mobile APU on stage

10:36PM EDT - Looks like the size of a penny

10:36PM EDT - Kevin Lensing on stage showing a Ryzen 2-in-1 APU engineering sample

10:36PM EDT - sub-15mm notebook

10:36PM EDT - 4 cores and 8 threads plus Vega

10:36PM EDT - so one CCX

10:37PM EDT - AMD are set to tackle Intel's dual core market with quad cores and better graphics. The only question is power

10:37PM EDT - That's Ryzen Mobile, now onto Desktop

10:37PM EDT - Seven Ryzen CPUs in the market

10:38PM EDT - Showing CineBench perf

10:38PM EDT - Showing some of the graphics presented at the Financial Analyst Day

10:41PM EDT - Showing some gaming

10:41PM EDT - Intel vs AMD gaming while streaming - 7600K vs Ryzen 5 1600X

10:41PM EDT - Ryzen 5 isn't dropping frames with 50% CPU, Intel is maxxing the CPU

10:42PM EDT - Announcing today: All Ryzen Desktop CPUs are Oculus Approved (including Ryzen 3)

10:42PM EDT - Now talking ThreadRipper and X399

10:43PM EDT - Coming Summer 2017

10:43PM EDT - Targeting HEDT

10:44PM EDT - All new platform

10:44PM EDT - socket looks fun, too

10:44PM EDT - 16 cores, 32 threads

10:44PM EDT - 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes

10:44PM EDT - YES, 64

10:45PM EDT - that's 60 + 4 for the chipset

10:45PM EDT - Quad channel DRAM

10:45PM EDT - Note, 60 lanes of PCIe 3.0 - that's 3 x16 GPUs and 3x M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 drives all from the CPU

10:45PM EDT - All four main motherboard partners are set to launch boards

10:46PM EDT - Showing off Threadripper, looks like the Naples package

10:47PM EDT - Showing Blender on Threadripper

10:48PM EDT - That's all on Threadripper - no mention of pricing or release date, except Summer 2017

10:48PM EDT - Lisa back to the stage

10:49PM EDT - Now on to Vega

10:49PM EDT - Showing Vega in a new context

10:49PM EDT - Radeon Vega Frontier announced last week

10:50PM EDT - 64 CUs, 25 TF, 16GB HMB2

10:51PM EDT - Threadripper plus four Vega GPUs running on Blender with Radeon Pro Render plugin

10:51PM EDT - CPU is running 26 threads at 40%

10:52PM EDT - Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, Launching June 27th

10:52PM EDT - Now for gaming: RX Vega

10:53PM EDT - Showing video of Prey at 4K Ultra with Threadripper and two RX Vega GPUs

10:53PM EDT - There's tearing... no Vsync

10:54PM EDT - RX Vega is launching at SIGGRAPH at the end of July

10:54PM EDT - More about Threadripper and Vega over the next couple of months

10:55PM EDT - Wrapping up the press conference. Time to talk to Jim for my samples...

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  • Dr. Swag - Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - link

    Well probably because there's nothing to report on?

    They did an article on the details from this press event, and I think one or two about x399 boards. There aren't many that were announced, so there isn't much to say.

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